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My Breezzz

We offer the first patented solutions for surface and indoor air quality control, monitoring & restoration.

Be Teraz

We offer reusable blocks are made from natural materials. These blocks allow your employees and customers to eat outdoors while creating a safety barrier between the traffic and the noise.


We offer energy efficient modular solutions, using innovative technologies.

Our Story

What is Beyond Sustainable Corporation about and why should you care? Watch the video to understand.


Two companies, two technologies, one combined vision.

“To create unique & sustainable solutions for a better world.”

Using revolutionizing modular CFS building methods paired with a clear, concise robotic process, to accelerate building construction.

With insight in sustainable building, working with other sustainability leaders in challenging the status quo. Metaligna uses new & eco-friendly methods with direct expertise in creating harmony between nature and community.

Metaligna is poised to become an industry leader — combining the expertise of CFS & modular building with the ingenuity of wood by-products; to create a one-of-a-kind solution.

A solution that allows for the advanced, sustainable construction of modular buildings.

Be Teraz

The pandemic has been hard on all of us! Especially restaurants.

Here’s a solution for restaurants to stay open and fight against COVID-19 regulations.

We offer you reusable blocks made from natural materials that will allow your customers to eat outdoors while creating a safety barrier between the traffic and the noise as well as offer an ever-changing design. 

And guess what? You don’t even need to install it yourself! Your time is precious, that’s why we install and uninstall these blocks for you! 

My Breezzz

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of air indoor quality and that it is not just about air sanitation.

The air quality inside a building must be filled with different types of good bacteria that recreate the same balance within our body as walking in nature. By keeping these bacteria outdoors and not including them in our indoor environments, we are actually hurting ourselves.

In 2015, air pollution caused 8.8 million premature deaths!

That’s why we have created a unique air quality monitoring service as well as partnered with world-leading indoor air quality monitoring systems & maintenance.

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Here’s some news related to our businesses

We are hiring !

We are hiring !

You want to be part of a motivated, creative, innovative team working to find solutions to challenges in our world such as environmental issues, air quality, health etc… Beyond Sustainable Corporation hires people from all walks of life. Send your Resume to...