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Our projects

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An Introduction

We have many projects in play, here’s an introduction to some of our interesting projects.

A quick list of our projects

  • AirQtrack
  • Karabéa
  • AgroProxy app
  • Regenseed

AirQtrack & mybreezzz

AirQtrack can indentify where the air deficiencies are in our environment in REAL-TIME, and help us fix them. It’s the only solution that allows users to invest the time and money at the highest priority locations.

Where should it be used ?

  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Cafes
  • Schools
  • Grocery stores
  • Govermental institutions
  • Small businesses
  • And more…


We are creating health-first while building in green environments to help people flourish while improving their community and building a better world.

We envision our Home Projects as not only a house, but a complete community that includes all the services and activities such as:

  • Environments that facilitates communication with families
  • Specialized health care
  • Built for eco tourists
  • Houses with clean air and free of pollutants
  • Activities indoors and outdoors
  • Activities that allow you to discover the world, such as home exchanges with other communities
  • Green spaces
  • Education activities for every generation
  • Continuous learning directly in the community


The platform that empowers socially responsible individuals to make an impact in their community and connects them to a bigger goal: global environmental peace.


A concept still in development that will help us achieve the goal of planting 1000 million trees and save the planet.

We want to eliminate the long process of planting and management.
This solution will allow us to plant faster, efficiently manage our time and allow a year-long plantation.
It is in development but more information coming soon.