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We are combining nature, a healthy environment, and biodiversity to create a more sustainable economic development.

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Modular construction has been increasing in popularity.

From the outset the modular building method provides a cost effective, energy efficient construction practice. 

Construction happens off-site, in a controlled environments, with assembly running concurrently with site prep, dramatically reducing time and material usage. 

The modular construction method is proving to be one of the most sustainable building solutions. Offering a quicker, stronger, more flexible, environmentally supportive sustainable construction in any climate. 


 Air quality is in direct correlation with our life expectancy, our mental and physical health.

It is important to protect yourself with the right solution.

Surface, indoor air quality control, monitoring & air renewal solutions. We provide the first patent solutions that emits no chemicals and does not pollute the air during the sanitation process.

Our solutions provide you with real-time results, lasting clean surfaces, and constant air rejuvenation
Those solutions will allow you to save money, invest time on the right priorities and improve your quality of life.

groupe regenord

At Regenord, we strive to change the way society is managing our natural resources by working together, creating new practices, developing new eco-friendly products, and building solutions to live in a better world.

Regenord Group Inc is an innovative company that has been constantly challenging its knowledge & know-how in the management of territories for decades. We are using our expertise as well as the latest technologies in order to help our customers around the world to improve the conditions and productivity of their lands & forest resources. We work closely with our customers and partners to offer customized solutions to reduce their operating costs while improving the quality of their products by reducing their risks.


Let’s give back to our children a healthy and natural air quality

We are part of the Beyond Sustainable Corporation (BSC) which is a company operating largely in sectors where innovation is an important driving force in the realization of major projects that bring about change in our society. Beyond Sustainable Corporation and its subsidiaries have a reputation based on the integrity, transparency, quality and excellence of its management.

Our collaborative goal consist of having a professional involvement in projects that we consider interesting for the improvement of our Planet and our way of life. We are able to put forward all the elements and resources to be a “Game Changer” for the advancement of our lifestyle as well as for the health and well being of our most precious assets, our “CHILDREN”.