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Hello wonderful Beyonders,

What a year it’s been and an even better one coming!

In the past months we have been able to set up the scene for our two new companies Tonick & Metaligna. We’ll give you more information about them in later posts.

That’s right ! We have been able to build Game-Changer companies  even in these insecure times.

For over 10 years we have been working remotely and this has allowed us to “hit the ground running from day one of the pandemic.”

The first business we created is called Metaligna, a solution that combines the natural, environmental qualities of wood with the precision of metal. With this company we are revolutionizing the building industry with our groundbreaking technology, the Metalignum.

For more information on Metaligna, we invite you to watch the video below.

That was our first company, more information about Tonick coming up in the second company.

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